Ntataise – Leading early childhood development

Ntataise is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which helps women in mainly disadvantaged rural communities in South Africa gain the knowledge and skills needed to establish and sustain Early Childhood Development (ECD) programmes.

Today Ntataise’s operations include two sectors: The Free State training and development programme and the National Network capacity building and support programme. Through its programmes Ntataise has empowered thousands of women who in turn have reached approximately 500 000 children in some of South Africa’s most disadvantaged areas.

Why early childhood development?

A child’s early years are the period in which a child acquires the concepts, skills and attitudes which lay the foundation for life-long learning. Timely and appropriate interventions can often reverse the effects of poverty and early deprivation and maximise the development of a child’s innate potential. Ntataise aims to achieve this by increasing access to good quality early childhood development programmes.

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Latest News

Ntataise receives innovation award

Ntataise is delighted to have received the Community Chest Impumelelo Social Innovations Silver Award for the ECD Centres of Excellence Hub Programme. The awards were established in 1999 to acknowledge innovators who find creative solutions to local challenges. The Ntataise Hub programme provides a basket of services that have been adapted and refined over time, making it a model that is recognised by government as a scalable solution to increase access to quality ECD programmes for young children within marginalised communities.


Ntataise Free State

Free State

Ntataise's training and development programmes in the Free State work directly with pre-schools, children, parents and communities with a pivotal focus on the child. The programme has spread from establishing pre-schools on farms to training and supporting women involved in ECD programmes in other rural and urban areas. Read more...

Ntataise Network

Ntataise Network

The Ntataise Network, developed over 20 years, includes some of South Africa’s leading ECD training organisations. Ntataise offers training, support and resources as well as organisational development workshops and capacity building support to the entire Network.

Ntataise - How You Can Help

How You Can Help

Like all NPOs, our work relies on the generosity of others. We depend on the kindness of many local and international donors to support the long term sustainability of Ntataise and its work with disadvantaged communities. Find out how you can contribute...